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"WOW! I`ve bought alot of high cost forex systems and signals. Your software blows the competition out of the water! You could easily charge triple the price. As a matter of fact i never came across such an easy to setup, easy to apply and most important effective working system!"

-Adam from North Carolina

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"I consider myself an experienced trader. I professionally manage FX accounts for various capital groups and write a daily FX forecast. I have used your software and found it to be very useful, as I am certain it has made me a better trader"

-Dr. Jorn Zelbach
Market Analyst

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"This week was a great week for the USD/EUR Market. I pocketed a tidy profit of 12400 usd just following the signals. IT`s just awesome"

-Gary F. from Canada

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It Woooorks! It`s incredible. I am already 4500+ and the money keeps coming in. Andreas you`re da man!

Jessie , CA

I just wanted to give some feedback on the product. I'm still in the trial phase of the product. The simplicity of the product is rediculous, yet the results impressive. I'm a forex trader now for years, and I do have my own system which produces very attractive returns for me (also a radiculously simple method of trading-no indicators whatsoever.) I've had 7 signals thus far with ForexKiller, and ALL of them winners on the 50 pip exit strategy. I've managed to gain $3120 in 7 trades,a 31% growth on a $10000 acc with only 7 trades! It's beating my own system results thus far.


Thanks Andy, that will be great for new version. This system is the best I have seen so far. I have tried a couple of the emini systems with absolutely no consistency. So far this has been very consistent for me. I know we can't hit them all but all i want is a system that is consistent with more wins then losses and so far Forex Killer has provided that. Hey, there is a piece of my review for a review site ;o)

Mike Leinweber

Just as you say in your instructions, Forex Killer is so easy to use and understand. As soon as I received my email, I installed my software and starting inputting closing data from the Forex. Right away Forex Killer noticed a winner, so I took the trade when the market opened and went to sleep ( I live in California!). When I awoke I came to check on the trade. Almost $1,000 in profits were waiting for me. I closed the trade with a big smile! Forex Killer only lets you trade when the odds are wildly in your favor. It will not let you overtrade. That in itself will save the average trader tons of money and frustration. Real traders know that to consistently win, you MUST,MUST, MUST manage your risk. Having Forex Killer on your side helps to manage risk by carefully evaluating only the HIGHEST probability trades. I would never attempt again to trade the Forex without Forex Killer! Thanks Andreas!


Very pleased to say that the FK is working for me now that I have switched to the 1hr time just feels better. I was in a panic at first because it was showing about -20+ pips but when I checked the next morning , I was +52!!!!... Wow.. that blew my mind... .. so far.. using that little FK program, I have made +150 pips in 3 trades in the last 24 hours by using your settings. As a rookie trader it's still going to take a bit to get used to it, and I know that there will be "blown" trades, but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. Thanx very much

Gary, Australia

Well.. Surperb, I only have positive things to say about Your signals. Andreas is only too willing to answer any questions that I have. A must if you want to improve your trading.

Rayner, Austria

As a part time trader, I have been trading in Forex market for years.  And I have realised that it is not very difficult to make money in this market a few times. But the most difficult things for individual investor/ trader is to continuously do well. I started using Forex Killer signal program from last June and since then I have been able to make profit continuously. Now I am considering trading full time by using this wonderful service, I never thought my dream comes true so quickly.

Kurt S., trader

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