Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do these systems really work?

A: Yes, these systems really do work.  We've put each one through rigorous testing and experimentation to ensure that they actually do profit traders.  We also made sure the systems listed will work for beginner, intermediate, and expert traders. 

Q: Do I need to invest a lot of money to make money in Forex?

A: No!  Most traders start out with $500 or less and build from there.  In fact, if you are a beginner trader we recommend that you start out with less than $500 until you get a good feel for the market and your system.

Q: What happens if I don't make money using the system?

A: If you follow the system and do not profit, then simply ask for a refund!  We guarantee the product 100%!

Q: Is this one of those work at home scams?

A: No this is not a work at home scam!  You are using proven systems to extract pips (profit) from the world currency exchange markets.  There is an estimated $1.5 trillion dollars exchanged a day, these proven systems show you how to get your piece of the pie!

Q: Should I have my account professionally managed?

A: No!  If you have someone manage your account they will want to keep a large percentage of your earnings.  On top of that, each managed account has no guarantee that you will profit. I've heard many horror stories with managed accounts, stick to trading on your own!

Q: Why should I pick your top system over any other system?

A: Quite simply, I've put in all the work in ensuring that the systems I show on my website are true moneymakers and are not scams.  There are tons of systems out there promising the world to you and deliver nothing.  The Forex Killer and the other systems I list are the real deal with a 100% money back guarantee!  No risk at all for you to try!

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